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Mystic Aquarium

Mystic Aquarium is a must-see family destination featuring up-close encounters, breathtaking habitats and exhibits, hands-on activities, and regular events.
Exhibits include the Main Gallery with sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, and thousands of colorful fish; African Penguins with above- and below-water viewing; the Arctic Coast, the 750,000-gallon home to beluga whales you can view above and below the water; Discover Long Island Sound, a tactile, interactive water table kids will love; Jurassic Giants with twelve roaring animatronic dinosaurs lurking along the trail; Frogs! with 30 species of the fascinating amphibians; the Pacific Northwest offering a look at seals and sea lions in the water and on the beach; the Marsh Trek with turtles, frogs, ducks, and an occasional glimpse of a great blue heron. 

There are also theaters – including the Deep Sea 3D theater ride – and regular events such as Family Overnight, Seals on the Rocks, Cocktails with the Whales, and more.
You’ll find all the information at mysticaquarium.org