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New Bedford Whaling Museum

New Bedford, MA

New Bedford was once the world’s premiere whaling port and its rich history can still be seen at the New Bedford Whaling Museum. With 20 exhibit galleries, massive collections of artifacts, special programs and events, and regular family activities, you’ll find interactive fun for all ages. 

Current exhibitions include: “Whales Today, a Spectacle in Motion” where you’ll “experience” a voyage standing on the bow of the world’s largest model whaleship – in a full theatrical setting – as a life-sized digital panorama scrolls by; “Go a Whaling I Must, and I Would: Life Aboard a New England Whaling Vessel” allows visitors to experience a whaling ship from the hands-on perspective of a new recruit, from your first meeting with a whaling agent to encounters with the men, materials, and activities aboard ship, and finally to journey’s end; you can climb aboard and explore the “Lagoda” an 89-foot half-scale model of the original whaling bark built in 1826. 

For more information and to learn about other exhibits, visit the website