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Newport Cliff Walk

Aerial view of the 3.5 mile Cliff Walk Trail
Historic mansions line Cliff Walk

Newport, RI

Cliff Walk, the 3.5-mile trail that follows Newport’s shoreline, is a popular attraction for hikers. The eastern vista boasts sweeping ocean views and the sound of waves crashing against rocks, while the western side is within gawking distance of the historic Newport mansions – a spectacular testament to America’s Gilded Age.

Two-thirds of the trail offers easy walking conditions, but the challenging southern section is rough and difficult, and you pass at your own risk. Fine sand can make rocks slippery, and vegetation may conceal abrupt 70-foot drops just two feet from the trail. (Be sure to check the website for more information.)

Even so, Cliff Walk draws more than 200,000 hikers each year to experience the rugged natural beauty, architectural wonders, birds, wildflowers, and interesting geological areas.